Sports Peaking

With a large number of sports, being able to peak for the season or even for a particular day (as in a competition), can be extremely important to your overall success. I see too many people that come to me about one month before the beginning of the season or before their big race expecting me to create a miracle and get them ready in time. If you are serious about your sport then you need to be thinking about preparation only after a short break following the end of the previous season.
Obviously this will totally depend on what level you are competing at but if you want to get the best possible results this is something that you need to thinking about pretty early on.

A lot of coaches now have specific programmes to prepare you for your chosen sport. Whether it be rugby, waka ama, tennis or bodybuilding, working towards the season or competition has been an integral part of helping people optimize their performance in recent years. Training in the gym is only part of this preparation but can be extremely helpful to keep you strong and fit in your quest to reach your potential.

Andrew has trained many teams and individuals to help them get in the best possible shape for the big event. I have done work with the Poverty Bay rugby team in preparation for the up and coming season, waka ama paddlers preparing for the World sprint champs, tennis players and also bodybuilders getting ready for their next competition. I have recently taken on board a Kapa Haka team preparing for the Super 12 competition in Gisborne at the end of the year. Their goal is not only to improve their fitness and strength but to get in the best possible shape.

Another term for sports peaking is periodization which is when we split our preparation down into segments to help us 'peak' for our event. A lot of team and individual sports people that I deal with require not only to be aerobically fit but also have maximum strength and explosiveness. So I just want give you a quick run down of the four 'phases' to prepare some one for competition. Remember there will be variations of this depending on the sport and the individual.

Phase 1 - General Anatomical Preparation

This phase is normally to help iron out any injuries from the previous season and also get us ready for the build up ahead. Normally we do a comprehensive assessment to see where the person is at then use this phase to work on getting rid of any muscle weakness, imbalance or inflexibilty.
The progress during this phase is normally conservative concentrating on developing body awareness and correct technique.

Phase 2 - Maximization of Strength

During this phase the emphasis will be on improving relative and specific strength as well as power, muscle endurance and speed endurance.
Progression becomes more important so structured increments are put in the programme to make sure things are moving along nicely. At certain stages it is important to reduce the training load to prevent overtraining.

Phase 3 - Specific Preparation

In this phase we begin to weed out certain exercises and make our exercises more specific towards the individuals or team sport. We also begin to gradually increase the intensity by decreasing rest periods of sets. This will not only improve strength but will maximise muscular endurance.

Phase 4 - The Competitive Period

Over the last three phases we have built an aerobic base, got our body in balance for the road ahead and improved our strength and muscular endurance. During this phase we are including explosive movements (especially for sports where initial power/ off the mark speed is
important) and also improving on our overall strength. We can also include plyometrics but just a warning that this must be structured and only given by those with experience in this area. Our workouts become shorter and the intensity will very depending on our chosen sport. We normally cease all training with weights 6-7 days before our competition.

Remember this has been a very broad overview and doesnt go into the cardiovascular training as well. Each programme is structured different depending on the sport and individual.

We do provide training advice and can design a periodization routine just for you!

If you want to get the best possible results come and see us about designing a programme set out just for you. Just contact us at the email below and click on this icon to discover charges for this type of training. The great thing about this training is that it works out cheaper doing it as a group than it would if you are doing it as an individual so talk to your team now!