Core Training

When it comes to core training one of the biggest things I find is that a lot of people feel that if they train their abs often with huge volume training then they will lose all the body fat off their stomach and get the six pack they have always dreamed about. So the idea of this article is to put a few myths to rest and be brutally honest about the quest for the perfect midsection.

The theory behind losing bodyfat off a certain area through resistance training, only represents just one piece of the puzzle. The term 'spot reduction' to me is unfounded and will only frustrate those trying to get a tighter, flatter stomach. When we train an area of our body with resistance all we are doing is toning, shaping and strengthening that particular muscle which is sitting under the layer of bodyfat.

We can train that particular area (in this case our abs) as much as we like but unless we are prepared to combine resistance training with some form of cardiovascular exercise and follow a healthy, well balanced nutrition plan we wont achieve the results we long for. There are always exceptions with people who have faster metabolic rates who dont need to concentrate on cardio and diet but for most of us we need to put in the hard yards to get the results. So the first step to getting a firmer waistline is to remember that training abs alone is only one piece of the puzzle.

Ab Training   Cardio Training   A Well Balanced Eating Plan =
A Great Looking Mid-Section!

When I watch the infomercials showing the latest and greatest ab machine and the commentator saying it will only take 5 minutes three times a week to get into your best shape ever I have to laugh. For most of us to get a nice, lean mid section is going to take a lot of hard work. And once we have it ,it takes just as much work to keep it there. Please, I am not trying to put you off I am just trying to keep it real and not give you any unrealistic expectations.

Another thing to think about when it comes to core training is the length of workout. I believe we need to treat this bodypart like everything else.
So the key to results is not volume but intensity. Instead of doing a basic crunch for 3 months and having to do 100 reps before we start feeling the burn I believe we should begin to change the variations to stimulate the area a lot faster. My recommendation is when we start having to do 15 reps or more before we feel the muscles working it is time for a harder exercise.

When I am training people I am constantly changing the workout to keep the muscles guessing and keep the muscles working. And the same goes for your midsection. If you are doing a basic crunch try raising the feet and then combining slow and fast movements. Then let the knees drift out to add resistance and bring them into your chest as your lift the upper body.

Another option is to go and grab a swiss or medicine ball or do some bridging. What ever you do find ways of increasing the intensity with leg position, speed of movement and variation of movement. This will not only tighten up your midsection faster than ever before but will cut your ab workout in half or even less. And this has to be good when good time management in the gym is so crucial.

If you really want to get results come and talk to us. Booking in for a 'Personal Training' session could be money well spent to help you maximise your time in the gym.