Everybody has different goals. For some of us we want to get in peak physical condition for our chosen sport. For others we want to build muscle, improve our aerobic fitness or just lose some weight and tone up. There are now just as many training methods as there are diet plans. So what one works best?

In 9 out of 10 people it is normally a combination of different training methods that work best. So in this section we are going to be looking at different peoples goals and some key tips to making these programmes more effective.

What I love about the gym is it doesnt matter how old you are, what your goal is or how many injuries you have, you can ALWAYS do something to improve your health and well being. The key is getting the right combination of exercises to get the job done. When you first join Temple Fitness we take all these things into consideration when designing your programme.

For extra support and even greater results investing in some one on one sessions can be a great investment to take your results to the next level.

So check out the sections on Cardio, Resistance, Pre and Post Natal, Sports Peaking and Core Training.

Or if you really want to try something different you just have to try our new group class....