Team Training

Another way to take advantage of personal training is when you belong to a sports team or you have a group of friends who want to get together and get in shape. Andrew has worked with several sports teams to help prepare them for the up and coming season or a special competition.
He has worked with the likes of the Poverty Bay Rugby team, several members of the NZ Waka Ama team who were preparing for the World Champs and recently has worked with a top Kapa Haka team who are getting ready for the Super 12 at the end of the year. His main focus has been on strength and power training but also to work in with the fitness coaches to devise a system to work both the aerobic and strength aspects of the sport. (The Sport Peaking section of the site will give you a better understanding of how to get ready for the up and coming season.)

Andrew also has available groups sessions for up to 7 people who want more than just a 'once and a while' programme change. These groups have found it a great way to not only get more input into their training and nutrition programmes but also to help them stay on track to get where they want to be faster than they ever thought possible.
Even though you might not get the personal touch of one on one training you still get plenty of assistance and free use of Andrew's members section of the site where you can record in your own training and nutrition diary to keep a close eye on your progress. You also have access to the special members section for secret tips and hints that help you go to the next level.

Another advantage of team training is that it works out a lot cheaper than having one on one sessions. So if you think that you might have a sports team or a group of friends interested in booking in for a 'team training session' give Andrew a ring or send him an email and book in for a consultation today!   

Here are the current rates
3 People $60 per hour
4-5 People $72 per hour
6-7 People $82 per hour

CrossFit is also another fantastic way of getting your team into the best shape ever. Many sports teams are now looking to CrossFit to help them prepare for the season ahead. Check out the link for more info...