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Gisborne Bodybuilding Club

Andrew first started training when he was 15 and his passion was bodybuilding and strength training. Over 20 years he developed his craft  and has a huge amount of knowledge in training, technique and nutrition. He believes he has the skill set to take you to a level you have always dreamed about. He believes far too many people waste their time in the gym doing programmes that are ineffective because of improper technique and programme structure.


Andrew is so confident in his ability to help you he will give you a free 45minute one on one consultation. During this time he will discuss your goals, do a body composition test to work out where you are at and take you through a mini workout to show you the effectiveness of his training methods.

From there he will give you the opportunity to join Temple Fitness (or change memberships if you are an existing member) and become part of his exclusive club whereby you get ongoing support to help you achieve your goals.

So if you have goals to get the best possible muscle or strength gains in the shortest time, give Andrew a ring on 0273285524 for more information about this amazing opportunity.