Alongside our new Temple Gold Membership is a new group class exclusive to Temple Fitness. These classes will not be your typical aerobics stlye group classes but will be a combination of Boxfit, Crossfit, high intensity circuits and selected isolation and technical work.  


Renski will be running a class with a difference. Very minimal machines just body weight, kettlebells and cardio movements that will teach you that you dont need a lot of equipment to get a very effective workout. These sessions are great because they are totally scalable. This means it doesnt matter if you have very minimal exercise experience or have trained in a gym for years. We can have a group of individuals in the same class all working at their own level. Workouts will be constantly varied so you are getting different workouts each time to keep up the motivation and give you the ability to try new things at home.



We will also be adding in movements that are done on the gym floor to make sure that your technique is solid in your indivdual gym programmes. And to top it all off we will be giving you all the tips to creating your own ab and core programme.

 All of these classes can be booked online through our MindBody online booking system