Meal Timing

In the first page we looked at different food groups and the different food items to make a regular feature in our nutritional plan. In this page I want to look at portion sizes, how to structure your meals and a few tips to make your body get in shape real fast.

One way to make sure your body is burning off more energy than it is taking in is to count the number of calories you are consuming on a daily basis. This is very time consuming so I have found a way to keep things a lot simplier and still get the results you want.

When we look at the average way people eat we see that a large number of us eat little or no breakfast, a small lunch and then a big meal at night.
In order to see why this way of eating makes it difficult for your body to burn energy effectively is to look at our body like a fire. The quickest way to put out a fire that is already struggling is to put a huge log on it. Another way is not to put anything on it at all. It would make much more sense to feed it small amounts of wood often. This way the fire would stay consistently burning over a long period. Our body is a lot like that fire.

There are a couple of main ways the body burns energy. One is obviously by exercising. But another way is by consuming food. Yes, you heard me right.
When we eat, our bodies metabolism (our ability to burn energy) increases in order to break down the food. But if we eat too much our body is unable to break down that much food and what it doesnt break down will store as bodyfat. Also when we dont eat often enough we are actually slowing down our natural metabolic rate. People often think if they starve themselves they will lose more weight but unfortunately they begin to eat into their muscle rather than their fat.

So not eating at all is just as bad as eating too much in one sitting. So what we need to do is trick our body into increasing its natural metabolism by eating small amounts more often. Remember the fire. By feeding it with small amounts consistently we keep it burning more effectively. So if you are following a no breakfast, small lunch and huge tea style of eating you are making it very difficult to get your body to burn off unwanted bodyfat. With this method of eating not only does your body burn more energy but your energy levels will go through the roof.
This is because your blood sugar levels remain constant throughout the day. This will also alleviate mood swings and tiredness.

So how about trying this. Take a portion of carbohydrates the size of your fist and a portion of protein the size of your palm chuck in a few veges and you have the perfect sized meal. Try and eat every 3 hours and you will find your body will turn into a raging fire and burn off excess fat.

I have put many people on this method I call 'meal timing' and they are blown away by how simple it is to lose bodyfat, increase their energy levels and feel satisfied. I have heaps of testimonies who have made these adjustments and are now reaping the rewards in how they look and feel.

On our next page I will get more practical and give you some meal ideas as well as tell you how you can have personalised training tips and nutritional support right here on line through our training and nutrition diary. Through this diary you will have one on one help where I will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.