So is weightlifting safe for kids. Lets here what the experts say....


From the New York Times:       Phys Ed: The benefits of Weightlifting for Children

 From the original Crossfit Kids affliate, Crossfit BrandX:     Weightlifting and Kids: Dispelling the Myths by Coach Jeff Martin & Cyndi Rodi


It is important to note that current recommendations for this type of training with children and teens are very clear: Strength training should emphasize well-trained, low-weight reps under highly controlled and supervised circumstances. Our goal in these classes is to provide a safe environment where teens can develop strength and power for their chosen sport or to help them in their endeavour to take up Weightlifting as a sport in its own right.

 We also have a goal to run official Weightlifting competitions so members can challenge themselves to see their progress. There is also a  High School Weightlifting league that we intend to become part of so we can involve local High Schools where they can be part of a National competition.

Those doing Unlimited Kids are welcome to attend our Weightlifting Class at 615pm on a Tuesday night.


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