Crossfit Kids Gisborne is proud to provide an inschool programme to the Tairawhiti Region.

Children need to exercise and be fit. Research has shown that the learning ability of children improved with exercise, especially 20-40 minutes after exercise. Our program serves to educate children in correct movement patterns that are applicable to sport and general activities. Additionally our program serves to educate about healthy food choices to assist in health and ultimately performance. Children these days often lead a relatively sedentary existence in school, and outside school with playstation and facebook etc. It takes dedicated parenting to push their children into all the sports activities available. These sports activities often have the job of making children fit for the sport. Well we want to make this our job and leave the sports coaches to coach the sport skills and techniques.


We would love to come and give you a free session to show you what our programme is all about. If you decide to come on board we will come in once a week with a weekly lesson plan that can be used by the teachers on the days off. We will start with a basic fitness test so your students can see their progress over the term. We have already used our programme in local schools with great success. Both the teachers and students are thrilled with the results and the great thing is the school now has a programme they can use outside our sessions.


For more information about this amazing opportunity for your school please contact Renae on 0273470513.