Crossfit Teens is a class for the ages of 13-17. These classes will be a combination of games, skill of movement and a WOD (Workout of the Day) but now there will be a greater emphasis on technique and form.Our goal is to show teens that exercise is not only fun but can also improve their fitness, strength and coordination.


What we love about these classes is the number of parents that have finally found a program that their teens enjoy. We have a lot of teens that have had no previous interest in maintaining their fitness that are now thriving in our classes. Our goal is not only develop the ten physical skills that are synonomous witn Crossfit (Cardio Endurance, Strength, Stamina, Speed, Power, Flexibility, Balance, Coordination, Accuracy and Agility) but also develop a culture of encouragement, discipline, excellence and sportsmanship.



 Ana and Jason Devery

 We are absolutely stoked with how much our son Lee enjoys attending the teen classes at Crossfit Gisborne with Andrew and Caitlin. Never really being a sporty child we were surprised  at how Lee was hooked from the very first class. He loves the positive and supportive environment, enjoys the physical activity and Andrew and Caitlin do a wonderful job at catering for  the various fitness levels within the class while making all of the kids feel good about themselves. We can see definite improvements in Lee's fitness and overall drive to do more physical  activity. 


 Lee Devery

 I really like cross-fit because it is fun and Andrew and Caitlin are very helpful and supportive. I enjoy doing cross-fit as a part of the group and think that Crossfit Gisborne is a really cool  place to attend.


Trynatee Lolohea- 4th place Teens Gauntlet


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