History of the Challenge 


In 2004 I decided to see what all the fuss was about and give the Body 4 life challenge a go. I had always had a good physique but had never taken it to the level I had always dreamed about. I had always had the knowledge but had never disciplined myself to go all out for a sustained period of time to get the desired result. After studying the information I decided not to stick to the Body 4 Life system of training and eating down to the letter as I knew what worked for me and knew there were much more effective training programmes out there to get an even better result.

After 12 weeks I indeed had an amazing transformation. Over the next fews years we had a few in house challenges among current gym members which were ok but the results were pretty average and after the first couple of challenges there was less interest.
I knew there had to more so in October 2008 I did a business profile and put my challenge photos in the paper deciding to open up the challenge to the public. Little did I know I was going to start something that can only be described as amazing. The response was phenomenol. By the start of the challenge we had over 150 participants and were turning people away at the door. At our first seminar ( in the back room of the gym) we just managed to squeeze everyone in and the next 12 weeks is history.
Over the next 12 weeks the atmosphere in the gym changed as friendships developed and people started to feed off one anothers motivation and energy. As peoples bodies and lives began to transform the comments began to flow and we knew we were part of something really special. As I weighed people in for the first time I was blown away by the incredible results people had achieved. I remember sitting on one of the bikes reading the inspirational stories people had written not realising there was more than sweat pouring down my face. I was truly inspired (To read the testimonies click on the link!)
On a personal note this challenge was really tough. The sudden death of my father, the birth of my fourth child as well as trying to look after over 150 people for the challenge was making my own progress really hard. But looking around me I was inspired to keep going and was really happy with my own result.
During the 2008 challenge we lost an average of over 17 pounds per person (yes thats 17 pounds of butter). One person lost over 30 kilos, another 4 breaking the 20 kilo mark. People overcame sickness, injury, hospitalisation, personal tragedy, low self esteem, lack of personal motivation and a history of yoyo diets and inconsistent exercise to get where they knew they were meant to be. 
So now its your turn to transform. As I say to everybody else looking at entering the challenge the results that were achieved were achieved by ordinary people just like you. There is no reason why it cant be you sharing your story, getting to where you have always wanted to be with your body. There is no reason why you cant take the control back not only within your physique but also in all areas in your life. It starts today. Contact us to take that first step to a new you.

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